Rider Safety

Riders Must Keep Pace


Tour De Hans has a minimum speed requirement of 23km/hr.

Riders who do not keep pace with this minimum requirement will be removed of their bib number and will no longer be considered a participant in the Tour de Hans.

If you require assistance, a support vehicle will take you back to the Start / Finish Area at the North Dumfries Community Complex.

Riders will be asked to pull over to the shoulder, when safe to do so, and a volunteer will remove rider of their bib number.

This policy has been implemented at the request of Waterloo Regional Police to ensure the safety of all of our riders.


Safety Instructions


• Helmets are mandatory for ALL Riders. Riders are required to wear hard-shell ANSI or SNELL approved bicycle helmets while racing and warming up.
• Tri-Bikes will be allowed. Use of aero bars are not permitted in packs.
• The use of glass containers is strictly prohibited during the ride.
• Riders are asked to respect the environment and refrain from littering.
• Opposite side of the road will be open to normal traffic. Cyclists’ lane will be managed by police officials. Please ride with caution
• The Centre Line Rule of the road is in effect.
• Stay to the right.
• You must hold your line.
• In the event of an accident or injury – please dial “911” and emergency crews will be dispatched.
• If you do not have access to a phone, route volunteers, sweeper vehicles, REACT, St. John Ambulance and Waterloo Regional Police will be on route at all times, please position yourself on the right hand shoulder of route and wait until help arrives.
• In the event, during the ride you may hear a few quick honks of the horn from Emergency Vehicles, this means that the Emergency Vehicles are on route and take priority. Please neutralize yourselves briefly until the vehicles have passed safely.
• There will be a sweep vehicle following the last rider on the course so you will not be left alone if you are in need of help. Depending on the position of the last rider, the sweeper may take a few minutes to catch up to you.
• If you retire or abandon the ride, tell a Volunteer Route Marshall and a vehicle will come to pick you up at your location. Once you return to the finish line, please tell the organizer you have done so.
• Once you finish, clear the finish area quickly and do not cross the finish line again.